Whilst residing and travelling extensively through South-East Asia for nearly 4 years in the mid 90’s, the foundation was set for a new passion called photography. After graduating from the Academy of Photography in Amsterdam  in the fall of  2003, kept working on a freelance base for both editorial and commercial clients both inside and outside the Netherlands. Furthermore the urge came to implement art photography, made and exhibit both in the Netherlands and abroad. In January 2012 started a new company moving towards short films, documentaries and commercials. This new venture and adventure was a joint one introduced to the world as NO CANDY and lasted 6 years in which we created conceptual still and moving images for both editorial and advertising clients. These days back at being a freelance photographer/ filmer, working for a wide range of clients both in the Netherlands and abroad. This all, whilst this bubbly dutchie and her curls keep on dancing around the globe...


ABN Amro, agency ACHTUNG!, Aegon, agency Anomaly, Appelberg (SW), Appelsap, AVRO/Tros, agency BKB, BNNVara, Brightlands, agency The Commitments, agency Curiosity, agency Dear, Designtree,  agency EdenSpiekermann, Eneco, agency Epidemie, G-Star, ING, agency Johnny Wonder, Kanker.nl, KPN, agency McCann, Ministerie van SZW, Movember, MoneYou, agency N=5, Nipo, agency Ogilvy, De Persgroep, Philips, Praxis, PwC, Radio 5, Radio 538, Rabobank, agency De Reklamefabriek, Rituals, Sanquin, Schiphol, SNS Bank, Stadsschouwbug, agency Steam, agency TBWA, T-Mobile, De Utrechtse Spelen, agency Van Lennep, Van Benthem & Keulen, Walibi, agency Youngworks, agency Zandbeek, agency Zuiderlicht


AD magazine, Campus Magazine, Columbus Travel, Cosmopolitan, De Morgen (BE), Elsevier, Edge Magazine (SW), FD Persoonlijk, Holland Herald, HUMO (BE), Marie Claire, MOAM, Opzij, Parool PS, Playboy, Psychologie Magazine, Quote, Sir Edmund, V&VN Magazine, Volkskrant Magazine, Vonk, WINQ

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